Sunday, December 7, 2008

handmade? yes, please!

We get some free money today from the establishment. I put my case to lovely lover for me to use said free money to buy a new super dooper thread-itself chain-and-cover- stitchin' overlocker. So I could make more stuff that would mean we would have to buy less stuff. He said nup but yeah but no but yes but don't pay retail, okay? Anyone have any recommendations for said overlocker-o-does-everything?

And then I found out that today there is a call to action for all crafty peeps in Melbourne town which, among other things, has inspired me even more to buy said overlocker. Especially as I just made some handmade presents, in the spirit of said call to arms, along the lines of this and I reckon a super dooper overlocker could have made the job a little easier at times....

calming punctuation

i love how onegirl writes in lower case. somehow it makes it calmer to read. a calmness that is also seen in her beautiful work. i am an admirer.

also admiring the tiny but happy one

and i'm always admiring the mixtape girls cause they organise stuff and give away stuff and publish great stuff and are just quietly inspiring me.