Tuesday, July 15, 2008

liking and not

I'm reconsidering this whole blogging thing. I recently read a post from a fellow blogger about her smalls having a go at one another and it all ending in tears. Mamma blogger snapped a photo of one of said smalls, in the moment of tears and unhappiness, to show off the latest little outfit she had sewn for said small. I wanted to hug the teary little 'un. To me, this was a demonstration of the ugly side of blogging - the relentless paparazzi capturing the moments throughout your day only for the purposes of sharing with your readers, regardless of what those moments contain and what they may require from you. I can see how it all happens. I recently headed down that path with my intention to share some 'daily love' with you all, in the form of snaps of stuff I've loved throughout my day. The first set was snapped just after we'd put the smalls to sleep and I wandered in to their playroom. There were little piles of goodies all about the place, they looked so beautifully and conscientiously placed and ordered and yet I knew they were the result of random acts of play and joy. I snapped, and posted, away. In the following days I loved the sticks we had stuck in the herb garden as a makeshift barrier to keep the chickens out. I loved looking into the bag of winter woollies we had worn during our winter walk, discarded as we warmed with each few steps. I did snap these images and they are beautiful. But I felt like I was looking too hard, like I was trying to capture an experience within a moment to hang on to for no other purpose than to publish it for others, and not to enjoy it for myself. These things arise and then they pass. Like the pain in my right ankle during a long sitting meditation. I have spent a third of my life learning to observe that which arises, to enjoy the moment while it is with me, then to graciously let it go, without attachment. I cannot help but do this now. So, another time, another place and you may have got some more daily love (by then I'll be a better photographer, too!). Instead, I give you a random list of stuff that I'm finding kinda wonderful at the moment. Be sure not to attach yourself to it, now!!

Indian villagers (LOADS of Indian villagers!) saving elephants from drowning. This is truly wonderful.

Hitchiking beetles. Spunky beetle travels across the seas looking for love.

Energy revolution. Former colleague fighting the good fight. Sign on, people!

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Bobbie said...

oohhh I agree.... but I cant help myself.. I want to photograph everything in my childs life... like I want to hang onto the happy times...

and perhaps I take too many photos esp when it is for a unplugged challenge..

thanks for the words of advice... appreciate and let go.. I love it...