Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 for 3

I've been invited to join a fitness challenge mob at work. Pay to join, set a goal and, if I achieve it, win a pot of cash. I'm thinking of losing cms from my 2-bubs belly. Not that inspiring. Swim 1km within 15 minutes. Wrong season for getting wet. Run 10 kms without stopping or walking. More like it. I made a 'run' playlist on my mp3 player about 3 months ago and I have played it 3 times. Yep- I've run 3 times in the past 3 months. Then this morning at sunrise, I faced up to the frumpy truth - instead of rolling out the mat for some bending, heading out back to the studio for some wacko balancing on a swiss ball, or pressing play on the aforementioned 'run' playlist and getting to it, I made myself a cup of tea with loads of honey and sat down to finish a felted owl I've been working on for a while.

So in the interests of delaying the onset of the frump craft freak I am bound to become as I age, I will take this fitness challenge and win it! Thought I may need new trainers for the challenge, but then this:

"So the next time you're stuck in traffic behind a container truck, breathing CO2, try to calculate how many pairs of training shoes are stuffed inside the metal box in front of you. Then ask yourself the following question: 'If somebody, somewhere, in the transport chain saves a few dollars on the shipping costs of a container box from China to Europe, to Australia, or indeed anywhere else in the world, will the consumer now pay $99.95 for a pair of trainers instead of $100?'"
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