Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what to do with all that rubbish?

We didn't manage a zero waste hard waste throw out. We had a big ol' old box that the chickens were kept in when they were little 'uns, in which we filled with random crap laying about the place. It's amazing how much crap you can find when someone is going to take it away for free in the wee hours of the morn. I made a point of taking the small folk around the block to check out the neigbours' hard waste, looking for bits and pieces to add to their 'spaceship', which we ended up making out of an old easel frame. All the homes around us had stuff out for collection except for Frank and Margaret across the road who are too old to acquire and/or keep crap. They had nothing on their front verge. I aspire to that. Frank did come over and grab an old chair of ours that he thought his son could use to practice his french polishing on. And we got a new see-saw from the girls down the road who are obviously too old/big/cool for it any longer. We also saw an old bunk bed we never used go to a local family of six kids! Lovely.

Perhaps we could have also contributed some materials for this?

Just have to decide on the right buttons, and I'm finished my bag for this years Blogfest. Swaperama is this Saturday and I am muchly looking forward to it. I am advised to fill my home made bag with goodies from my stash that I don't use and would like to pass on to someone who may. Lovely, but difficult for a person like me who keeps stuff 'just in case' I can find a use for it one day, like prettying up a spaceship, for example.

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nikkishell said...

Or you can make something to go inside :)