Wednesday, June 4, 2008

to give breast is to give life

As a breastfeeding mother to my littlest folklet, the boobie milk monster who will latch onto me for a suckle at any opportunity, I can't help but direct you here. So beautiful. Who knew breastfeeding was so sexy in a) black and white and b) spanish?

Above is our version of 'dinner', first posted here. Love love love.

Speaking of love, this is the lovely gift I got from the lovely Christie at the Blogmeet organised by the lovely Nikki and the lovely Justine. In fact, the reason I left the lovely meet was to breastfeed the littlest folklet before my bust bust, if you know what I mean.

And my favorite lil' bit of the blog-gift? Hint: you can find more of her here. Do I have a blog-crush on her just for her fabric? No. I also have a blog-crush on her largely because of the chuckle I get from the side panel bit (techie term???) of her blog....te he he.

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