Monday, April 14, 2008

flywire for felting

I headed out last night to my first Sylph crafting class for autumn. Sylph is this little toy/craft/book/handmade joint up the road from our place that I just love. Recently from said Sylph, I've been making these little felt heart brooches and popping them on the present table at weddings in places like Warburton and Inglewood from wool tops bought from Sylph. Loving brooches at the moment. Loving heart shapes at the moment. That wall of wool tops in all the colors of the rainbow on the back wall at Sylph is inspiring. The wooden toadstool furniture makes we want to take tea and biscuits. I want to live in the felted fairy and gnome houses that are displayed here and there. Last night we wet felted. Used pre-felted backing, terraline and flywire to make the magic happen. Works so much quicker and easier on the wrists than the scree I have been using. I love new and better ways of doing things that make said thing easier and quicker. Me thinks time should be valued alongside other things on the 'essentials' list. The essential amount of time spent on doing something well, no more and no less. We also drank minty tea. We also ate chocolate cupcakes. And another crafter and I worked out we went to primary school together. Also time well spent. When I got home, my lovely lover said he thought expenditure on hobbies and passions was certainly an essential for us, I heartily agreed and we drank to that. Cheers.

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