Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the universal list according to joy

When the universe is on side, the op-shop delivers. So they say. When my intent to buy less was being formed, I found this little gem in the bookcase of my local op-shop.

Joy's list to help her survive and grow is thus:

'Gasoline' on the list gives away where it's published, and I wonder if this is an accurate reflection of standard consumption in the U.S of A? Something tells me yes. It got me thinking about the space, or even massive gorge, between need and want. At what point does acquiring the necessities for life become over-consumption? And is it over-consumption if you acquire things/stuff/needs/wants second-hand or as a non-monetary exchange and the like? For me, it's that creative pursuit of attainment, regardless of need or want, that is part of the joy of holding some thing in my hand. 'Heading up to the shops', even though J can now ride up there with us on his second-hand treadly from nanna, is the least inspiring option.

A pal of mine is renovating a house in Darwin. Recently, he got himself an entire kitchen on freecycle and drove it up on the back of his converted-to-biodiesel ute from Melbourne to install himself. Now that's inspiring. Go PT-B!

From finding a pink hardcover on the shelf at the sally army to finding a kitchen on the web, share with me your latest inspiring find, folks.

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