Sunday, April 13, 2008

rainy red boots

So much lovely rain today. It is definitely on my 'essentials' list. Helping the green manure seeds to sprout. Softening the first layer of dirt in the bed we dug over yesterday. Filling up the little bath we have out back for the birds. Washing the dirt from the car. All that. We watched the rain fall from the back door for a spell. When it eased we got rugged up and headed outside. Alice jumped straight into a puddle in the hand-me-down-from-jem boots she's recently grown into. Absolutely delightful. I was delighted that the boots now fit her and I was delighted that she jumped straight into a puddle. Rain kept us close to home so my only expenditure was a sunday morning swim at the pool. A lazy kilometre while rain fell. Best $4.40 I have spent since not spending it.

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