Sunday, April 27, 2008

me and my gal

Me and my gal went fossicking at Camberwell Market this morning. Loaded up with toasty layers and headed in to town. It felt wrong the whole way there. It felt wrong driving on a Sunday morning. It felt wrong driving into town on a Sunday morning. Wrong driving into town to a Sunday market where there are things to buy and I'm not buying. Aren't I? I reminded myself that it was only consumables coming in on large ships requiring bay dredging that I wasn't buying. And there have been plenty of things I haven't bought because of that flat and simple rule. So while I picked up an ooh yeah have to have it cause of those pockets black skirt today for a fiver, I haven't been buying pumpkin patch tights, chesty bonds singlets or plain wooden fairy wands for the small folk to decorate as they will. Which is neither here nor there to aforementioned small folk, as they have been busy decorating the chook house instead.

cluck cluck

I've got a thing about keeping my family's kidneys warm over winter. I also have a thing about second hand underwear. Thus: where oh where can I get new tights and singlets that haven't been shipped in? Help me out, folks.

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